Care Assessment

Care Assessment

Our social work assessments are comprehensive reviews that we carry out to build evidence and form full picture of a client’s situation, identify presenting problems, reviewing the effectiveness of current support and recommending options for the future.

We keep the client’s best interests at heart and ensure that all self-funding clients are given the best advice available for their situation.

Tailored, Caring and Holistic Support

Our assessments consider the individual’s situation holistically, identifying health, social and welfare needs in the context of their capabilities, ambitions, and priorities. These assessments are completed in whichever environment is considered best for your client.

Our assessments are designed to meet the demands of the Deputy Standards, Mental Capacity Act (2005) and Code of Practice. Our findings are presented in a comprehensive report containing professional recommendations to assist you in maximizing the value of services offered to clients and to assure you that you are fulfilling your professional duties.

What to Expect from Our Assessments

A full review of any existing care records from the service provider.

Ascertaining whether the level of care is cost effective and that carers are fulfilling their contractual requirements.

Identifying what is working well and implementing changes would be beneficial to enhance the client’s wellbeing. Identify cost-effective solutions.

Promoting client rights, independence, dignity and safety.

Identifying risks and vulnerabilities.

Benefits and Continuing Healthcare Funding eligibility.

Report on whether the personal expenditure budget is appropriate for the client.

Suitability of property and practical advice about adjustments.

Safeguarding clients from abuse.

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