Mental Capacity

Bridging the Gap Between Social Work and Legislation

We pride ourselves on being experts in assessing mental capacity, and we know what it takes to complete a thorough mental capacity assessment. We work with vulnerable clients who are living with dementia, acquired brain injury, learning disability, neurological disorders, physical disability, addictions and poor mental health.

The diversity of our experienced team means we match skill sets and personalities to the client being assessed to maximise capacity. We understand that everyone is different and pride ourselves on being adaptable to each situation.

Carefully Assessing Individual Needs

Clear Guide believes that the assessment of capacity must not be a conveyor belt process and ensures each assessment is client focused, promotes dignity and upholds an individual’s right to make decisions. Our social workers are friendly, patient, respectful and passionate about supporting clients to make decisions.

Why Choose Clear Guide?

We are flexible and responsive to the needs of both the client and solicitor.

Our team are excellent communicators and are devoted to finding the most effective way of communicating with clients.

We are mindful of the importance of time, place and environment. We pride ourselves on a fast turnaround time to ensure the legal transaction can progress without delay.

Our comprehensive capacity reports protect both you and your client’s decisions from challenge.

We Can Assist with The Following Capacity Assessments:

Capacity to make decisions regarding health and welfare.

Capacity to manage property and financial affairs.

Completion of Court of Protection Form COP3.

Capacity to gift.

Capacity to litigate.

Testamentary Capacity.

Certificate Provider for Lasting Powers of Attorney applications.

Capacity to marry, have a sexual relationship, decisions regarding alcohol or addictions etc.

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