Continuing Healthcare Funding (CHC)

Experienced and Practical Funding Advice

As former hospital social care professionals and CHC panel members, we understand CHC funding and eligibility.

Our bespoke CHC reports are used extensively by solicitors as a tool for ascertaining eligibility and preparing for assessments. We visit the client, identify their eligible needs then collate evidence from care records, healthcare professionals and representatives to ascertain what CHC eligibility domains are met and highlight any missing evidence.

We advise on how to prepare for CHC assessments by giving practical advice on how to identify and record eligible needs.

We work with care providers to encourage the use of CHC terminology in their records and advise them on practical ways of presenting evidence during a CHC assessment.

Clear Guide Believes That Preparation Is Key

Being well equipped puts the client in a far stronger position, rather than waiting to appeal. This approach is far more cost effective, less emotive and less time consuming for the client.

Furthermore, if they are not eligible for CHC, we know planning will give you the highest score possible, which will better prepare you for any future assessments.

Clear Guide Will Help You To:

Provide an honest opinion of the strength of your client’s claim.

Recommend referrals to professionals for assessments to evidence need.

Identify gaps in risk assessments that evidence need.

Provide a realistic and impartial view of your client’s eligibility for CHC.

Translate the eligibility criteria.

Manage expectations.

Attend CHC assessments and complete checklists (additional costs may apply)

Is Your Client Eligible for CHC Funding?